Thursday Sept. 21 12:18 am

Looking upward, finding orange light and a monolith of cloud that speaks of weight.
I cannot pierce the fundamentals, nor repair this tear across the sky.


Sept. 15th Friday.

Here's small cheer for the waking light. A gentle loathing and sharpening teeth of ambition. The pale blue sun in my eyes. Crucified across a solar cross. I lift this page over my head for refuge.


Sept. 09.06--))))12:35am+++++

Playing. Playing up to the crowd: beating a drum to sound out the script.
Pulling away, the sound of strings played a hundred years ago, ghosts crammed next to the present. The disintegration of time, right here. An era of proximity with ghosts. The nauseating vacuum of lost dimensions.
Reverberation. A sickening blur of fire.

words not mine: "Today, too, i experienced something I hope to understand in a few days. Around my left hand was shining a ring of hazy white flames..."


Tuesday September 5th 10:25 pm (on heliotropism)

Heliotropism as a biological name for the physical bend of desire: the flower's stalk leans in, towards the sun.


Monday September 4, 7:16AM

This is how it works. Here are the schematics. Look at the curvature of the intake. What is production? A tear squeezed out of the body as it suffers. Inspect this device. How does it operate? Look. Look harder. Plug it in. Follow the wires and see where they go. Look into the eyes. Observe the flush of movement. Count the switches along the ribs. Use your fingers, smooth out the skin of the chest. Device. Make the device move, bring it to life: sitting so silent in the dark: a human being. Pressure does not make it move, no harsh words to force it forward. You may wave a hand and something might happen. But until then, you may have to wait. Scroll out the drawings. You are here, but you want to get...here. Follow the lines. It will take you there.
The sun is rising and my gut feels uneven. I plead for clemency.